Service Waxing Threading
Eyebrows $18 $20
Lips $8 $10
Chin $8 $10
Forehead $8 $10
Sides $10 $15
Chin $8 $10
Full Face $45 $50
Eyebrow $15
Eyelashes $20
Eyebrows $35
Lash lift $60
Lash perm $65
Individuals (natural look) $8S
Russian Volume (2D, 3D, 4D) $99 – $155
lnfills $55
Soak offs $40
Underarms $15
1/2 arms $20
Full arms $35
1/2 legs $30
Full legs $45
x bikini $20
xx g-string $35
xxx Brazilian $50
Eyebrows $20
Underarms $20
1/2 arms $30
Full arms $35
1/2 legs $40
Full legs $50
Shoulders $20
Chest $30
Stomach $25
Full back $40
Customised Facial Therapy
Your therapist will prescribe a personally designed ampoule therapy facial treatment, incorporating deep cleansing, an intensive ampoule complex and treatment mask. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant.
30 mins for $40 / 60 mins for $65
Sensitive Professional Skin Treatment
Based on Spa thermal water with renowned de-sensitising effects combined with high-performance actives, this ultra calming treatment has been formulated especially for delicate skins. The gentle and soothing textures allow sensitive skin to recover its balance and comfort. The skin is more soothed in one hour with 25% reduction in skin sensitivity.
60 mins for $85
Seasonal Skin Care
A dose of oxygen and minerals or vitamins to boost your skin’s defence system to maintain balance during the Autumn & Winter or Spring & Summer months ”Repair and detoxify your skin within an aromatic universe of natural extracts. The multifunctional anti-toxin complex and minerals or vitamins in this treatment oxygenate the skin, awakening your skin’s radiance. Inspired by nature, this treatment contains extracts for RADIANCE, OXYGENATION, HYDRATION & ANTI-OXIDANT PROTECTION. A pure moment of wellbeing!.
45 mins for $99
Perfect V Shaping Treatment
Sothys new Perfect V-Shape treatment, with M3.0 peptides offers dermo-lifting and dermo-refining of the neck and jowls. M3.0 peptides boost collagen synthesis to support a long-lasting dermal structure. The treatment provides an immediate and long lasting firming and slimming result on the jawline and neck and is suitable for all skin types showing signs of a slackened jawline, double chin or “text neck”. A series of 5 treatments delivered every 2 weeks while using the PerfectShape neck serum at home yields the best results.
45 mins for $99
Anti Ageing Advanced Hydration
A powerful clarifying technique for young oily, problem skin or mature-onset acne. This treatment works in 3 phases by exfoliating, deep cleansing and clarifying with anti-bacterial actives. Plant extracts are used to regulate oil flow, freshen the skin and assist in healing. Often oily problem skin can maintain its balance with a series of Correcting Treatments supported with a good home-care routine.
60 mins for $135
Oriental Sensations
A journey of total relaxation to ease body tensions with essences of Amber & Myrrh The treatment begins with an exfoliating gel containing aromatic essences and enzymes that gently removes dead skin cells, enhanced with a terracotta stone to increase dead skin cell removal. Warm towels remove the exfoliant then warmed oil with date and amber extract is massaged into the body with deep smoothing and stretching movements…a delicious escape! The exfoliating stone is our gift to you then collect some Amber & Myrrh product to continue your aromatic experience at home.
60 mins for $99
Massage Ritual
SOTHYS PERSONALISED SENSORIAL ESCAPE…a body ritual designed to result in velvety skin, renewed and youthful. Skin rejuvenation is activated with SOTHYS aromatic sugar salt scrub. Then choose either cream for a satin finish, oil to soften & comfort or modelling wax to intensely nourish and protect your skin. To complete your sensorial escape your therapist will offer you a selection of 3 unique aromas, rust your senses and prepare for your sensorial escape.
60 mins for $105

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